Our Mission

The mission of the Shaman’s Drum Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is to provide education on, and promote public understanding of, shamanic traditions, cultures, groups and methodologies around the world.  It is our goal to promote the informed practice of shamanic healing methods and traditions, for the common good, and to facilitate networking between shamanic practitioners.  Our efforts are dedicated to the well-being of all life and to the preservation of shamanic healing traditions and the indigenous cultures in which many of these traditions originated

Toward these ends, we plan to create an informational web site that will include a library of historic ethnographic and anthropological reports on shamanism; selected articles reprinted from contemporary books and journals; historic and contemporary audio and video materials on shamanic subjects; and directories of shamanic groups and resources.  We will also publish an on-line magazine, Shaman’s Drum Online, dedicated to the in-depth exploration of experiential shamanism, in the tradition of the now-defunct print magazine Shaman’s Drum, founded by Timothy White and published by the Cross-Cultural Shamanism Network. 

In recognition of the value that shamanism can hold as a means of individual and community healing, the Shaman’s Drum Foundation hopes to help increase public understanding of the diversity and efficacy of shamanic traditions, and to provide practitioners with a useful source of information and inspiration.

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